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Celebration! Cinema is a movie theater chain owned and operated by Studio C (formerly known as Loeks Theatres, Inc.) with headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. Its theatres serve the cities and surrounding areas of Grand Rapids, Lansing, Muskegon, Benton Harbor/St. Joseph, Portage/Kalamazoo, and Mount Pleasant. An average of 5.5 million customers see movies annually through Studio C's Celebration! Cinemas locations.

The Grand Rapids North, Lansing, and Portage locations feature IMAX theatres. RiverTown Crossings and Lansing feature MOPIX Rear Window Technology for the deaf and hard of hearing, and most locations feature DLP Digital cinema by Christie.

In 2007, Loeks Theatres, Inc. purchased two theatres from Plano, Texas-based Cinemark. The theatres are located in RiverTown Crossings in Grandville and the Woodland Mall in Kentwood. The 20-screen theatre has been renamed Celebration! Rivertown and the 14-screen theatre has been renamed Celebration! Woodland after their respective malls. The purchase was an effort of Loeks Theatres to continue expansion in the West Michigan area.

In 2018, Loeks Theatres, Inc changed their company name to Studio C.[1] The name change is an effort to create a central brand name for all of its operations.[2] The name is a homage to the former Studio 28 theatre.[3]

Celebration! Cinema North


Studio C's corporate building is located in the Celebration! North theatre based in Grand Rapids. Grand Rapids also hosts two other theatres as well as a discounted theatre that sells movie tickets for $5.00 per ticket at the Woodland Mall. Benton Harbor/St. Joseph, Lansing, Portage/Kalamazoo, Mount Pleasant, and Okemos are serviced by Celebration! Cinemas as well.[4]

Celebration! theatres North Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Portage have been built with IMAX theatres.

On November 14, 2008, Celebration! Cinema announced that Studio 28 would close on November 23. Studio 28 opened in 1965 with just one screen. It quickly expanded and in 1988 it became the largest movie theatre in the world with 20 screens. It remained the largest theatre until 1995. At one point the theatre brought in 1.7 million visitors per year. Before its closing, it had been about 25% of that amount.

On December 2012 the 6-screen Studio C! opened in Okemos. The theater features reserved seating, along with made-to-order food and drinks (including beer and wine) ordered and served from patron's seats.[5] Celebration! Cinema continued its expansion with the addition of enhanced food and beverage options at their Benton Harbor, Muskegon, Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids locations.[6]

Studio C is currently constructing a new complex in downtown Grand Rapids called Studio Park. The complex will feature a 9-screen theater, parking garage, apartments and a shopping plaza.[7] Studio Park broke ground in April 2018, with expected completion in Fall 2019.[8]

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