Celebration of 1700 years of Edict of Milan in Niš

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Niš in celebration of the 1,700 years of the Edict of Milan was designed as a central place of the centuries-long anniversary celebration of Christianity, by the Foundation " Art Carnuntum " in 2003. Constantine the Great, who wrote the Edict of Milan turned "the world history in a new direction, seeking to certain laws favoring Christianity,"[This quote needs a citation] linking the three cities from different parts of Europe and Asia, Austrian Carnuntum, Serbian Niš (in which he was born), and Turkish Izmit. Starting from this fact the Foundation "Art Carnuntum" among several nominees, elected Serbia and Niš (Nais) hometown of Constantine the Great, as a central place a large global history, and awarded him as a central place in this celebration.


Replica bronze head of Constantine the Great, which was discovered during the construction of an iron bridge on the banks of the River Nišava on 1900, Visitor Center of Mediana. The original is kept in the National Museum of Serbia.

In 313 Constantine and Licinius announced "that it was proper that the Christians and all others should have liberty to follow that mode of religion which to each of them appeared best",[This quote needs a citation] thereby granting tolerance to all religions, including Christianity. The Edict of Milan went a step further than the earlier Edict of Toleration by Galerius in 311, returning confiscated Church property. This edict made the empire officially neutral with regard to religious worship; it neither made the traditional religions illegal nor made Christianity the state religion, as occurred later with the Edict of Thessalonica. The Edict of Milan did, however, raise the stock of Christianity within the empire and it reaffirmed the importance of religious worship to the welfare of the state.

The celebration program "Edict of Milan 313 – 2013, Serbia"[edit]

"Edict of Milan 313 – 2013, Serbia" is a national program marking the celebration of the jubilee – 17 centuries of the Edict of Milan. The Government of the Republic of Serbia and the Organizing Committee co-chaired by Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić and his Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irenaeus, "made the decision to 2013th be a year of Christian joy, which shall be marked in Serbia, a series of spiritual and secular events and manifestations."[This quote needs a citation]

Other events and manifestations[edit]

  • Seventeen newly built water fountains, as a symbol of remembrance of the past 17 centuries from the Edict of Milan. Fountains will be located in the territory of the entire city. In addition to city government and the church in their construction have joined the artists, architects, famous persons, many companies and even students.
  • Official painting of Celebration, inspired by tradition from 1913. Painting is named The emperor's edict and painted by Ilija Fonlamov Francisković.


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