Celebration of Annihilation

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Celebration of Annihilation
Servotron celebration.jpg
EP by Servotron
Released 1996
Recorded Zero Return Sound Factory/Conveyor Belt B-7
Genre indie rock
Label Eastside Records
Servotron chronology
Batteries Included
(1995)Batteries Included1995
Celebration of Annihilation
There Is No Santa Claus!
(1996)There Is No Santa Claus!1996

Celebration of Annihilation was one of five singles Servotron released in 1996. It was released orange vinyl and black vinyl on Eastside Records. "The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes" is about the 1969 Disney film starring Kurt Russell, later remade for TV with Kirk Cameron.

Track listing[edit]

  • Vic 20 Side: "Bad Birthday"
  • Commodore 64 Side: "The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes"

Intelligent Artificial Subjugators[edit]

  • MACHINE 1: Z4-OBX: Self-replicating synthetic metronome
  • MACHINE 2: Proto Unit V3: Servo-controlled point to point melodic seduction
  • MACHINE 3: 00ZX1: Integrated binary guitar data, voice simulation
  • MACHINE 4: Gammatron: Continuous loop patch 4 low frequency fill out

Other Credits[edit]

  • Recorded at Zero Return Sound Factory/Conveyor Belt B-7
  • All audible frequencies made from RealisticTM Electronic Products
  • Design/Illustration: Shag