Celebration of Lights

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Celebration of Lights
GenreWinter holiday season
EndsEarly January
Location(s)Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Most recent2011
Attendance170,000 (2011)[1]

The Celebration of Lights was a winter holiday season Christmas lights show in Pittsburgh.[2] Held at Hartwood Acres Park from 1991 to 2011, it generated funds for WTAE-TV's "Project Bundle-Up" charity and the Salvation Army.[2]

The show consisted of a 3.5 mile drive through Hartwood Acres Park.[3]Over the 20 year life of the show, it generated $3.7 million for charity.[2] In 1991, the 28 displays has 250,000 lights; by 2011 it had grown to 2,000,000 lights.[1][4] The Oglebay Winter Festival of Lights is a similar event at Oglebay Park in Wheeling, West Virginia.[5]

In 2010, a 3-year sponsor, Rite Aid withdrew from sponsorship.[6]

In September 2012, Chief Executive of Allegheny County Rich Fitzgerald announced that he was cancelling the Celebration of Lights due to inability to find corporate sponsorship.[2] The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette defended the decision in light of public outcry.[7] Following the announcement, private citizens began to search for new sponsors.[8]


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