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Celebrity Duets ديو المشاهير
Celebrity Duets Arab World logo.jpg
Directed by Kamil Tanios
Presented by Annabella Hilal
Country of origin Lebanon
No. of seasons 4
Executive producer(s) Nay Naffaa
Original network

MTV Lebanon, MBC4

LBC (2010-2014)
Original release October 22, 2010
External links
Website www.lbci.com/celebrityduets/

“Celebrity Duets” is the Arabic version of the American program Celebrity Duets, where Arab’s most prominent professional singers team up with 13 non-singing celebrities from different backgrounds, in front of a live studio audience, a panel of judges, and viewers who get to vote them off, in a weekly elimination competition.

A panel of judges will give their opinion after each performance, although the final call on who remains in the running is the audience's, through SMS voting.

The prize money earned at the end of each episode will be donated to a charity selected by the leaving contestant.

Season 1[edit]

Well renowned Lebanese actress Nadine Al Rassi reached the finale and won the grand prize, which she donated to the Lebanese Red Cross. The second finalist of the show was Egyptian actor Amir Karrara who won the second prize in which he donated to the Children's Cancer Hospital 57357 in Egypt.


  • Amir Karrara - Actor
  • Christina Sawaya - Miss Lebanon 2001
  • Georges Assaf - Sports trainer
  • Jenny Esper - Actress
  • Mohamad Dagher - Fashion designer
  • Nadine Al Rassi - Actress
  • Chef Ramzi - Cook
  • Youmna Cherry - Presenter

Duet Partners[edit]

  • Ahmed Al Shereef
  • Aline Lahoud
  • Amr Youssef
  • Carole Samaha
  • Fady Andrawos
  • Fares Karam
  • Georges El Rassi
  • Hossam Habeeb
  • Joseph Attieh
  • Melhem Zein
  • Miral Faisal
  • Mohammad Bash
  • Myriam Fares
  • Nabil Shouail
  • Rayan Eid
  • Rouweida El Mahroug
  • Samira Saeid
  • Shereen Abdel Wahab
  • Sofia El Marikh
  • Wadih El Safi
  • Yara sbini


  • Joumana Haddad
  • Marwan Rehbany
  • Romeo Lahoud

Season 2[edit]

Lebanese actress Maguy Bou Ghosn and Lebanese actor Carlos Azar battled in the finale episode for the grand prize. Maguy Bou Ghosn won and donated her prize to St. Jude Children Cancer Center.


  • Maguy Bou Ghosn - Actress
  • Carlos Azar - Actor
  • Tarek Abou Jaoude - Music Composer
  • Omar al-Dini - Comedian
  • Seif el-Dine el-Sbei - Actor and Director
  • Pamela el-Kik - Actress
  • Hiba al-Abassiri - Journalist
  • Habib el-Habib - Actor
  • Mirna Khayat - Director
  • Dima al-Jundi - Actress
  • Mayssoun al-Rouwaily - Actress

Duet Partners[edit]

  • Abdallah Bel Kheir
  • Arwa
  • Assi el-Helani
  • Carole Samaha
  • Fady Andarous
  • Ghadi
  • Gilbert Simon
  • Haifa Wehbe
  • Issam Karika
  • Joseph Attieh
  • Kazem el-Saher
  • Marwan Khoury
  • Melhem Zein
  • Mohammad Iskandar
  • Mouein Shreif
  • Myrian Fraes
  • Nabil Cheil
  • Oumaima Taleb
  • Rouwaida Attieh
  • Saad Ramadan
  • Saber el-Roubai
  • Samira Said
  • Sara Farah
  • Sherine Abdel Wahab
  • Sofia Marikh
  • Wadih el-Safi
  • Zeina Aftimos


  • Abdallah Bel Kheir
  • Oussama al-Rahbani
  • Romeo Lahoud


Country Name Host Network Date premiered
 United States of America Celebrity Duets Wayne Brady Fox August 29, 2006
Arab League Arab World ديو المشاهير
Duo El Mashahir
Dina Azar (Season 1-2)

Hilda Khalife (Season 3) Annabella Hilal (Season 4)

LBC (Seasons 1-3)

Murr Television (Season 4)

October 22, 2010
 Philippines Celebrity Duets Philippine Edition Ogie Alcasid and
Regine Velasquez
GMA Network August 11, 2007


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