Celebrity Skin (magazine)

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Celebrity Skin
Categories Pornographic magazine
Frequency 12 / year
Year founded 1986
Country United States
Language English

Celebrity Skin is a pornographic magazine which specializes in showcasing images, either photographs or movie and TV screencaps, of nude or semi-nude celebrities. It is not to be confused with its rival Celebrity Sleuth. The magazine has ceased publication.


Celebrity Skin was a spin-off publication of High Society magazine first published in 1986. Editor Gloria Leonard is credited with the idea to first publish revealing or scandalous images of celebrities in the magazine. The success and increased sales of issues with "celebrity skin" led to the new publication.[1]


Over the course of its run, Margot Kidder, Ann-Margret and Barbra Streisand unsuccessfully attempted to sue the magazine after it published nude photos of them.[2]

Jennifer Aniston[edit]

The September 1999 issue of Celebrity Skin contained photographs of Jennifer Aniston sunbathing topless in her back garden. The photographs also appeared in the December 1999 issues of High Society and Celebrity Sleuth.[3] The April 1999 issues of the Italian magazine Eva Tremila and the British newspaper Daily Sport carried the pictures, as well as the May 31–June 6 issue of the French publication Voici.[4] Aniston filed a lawsuit against Francois Naverre, who took the photos in February 1999. Aniston also filed suit against Man's World Publications and Crescent Publishing Group for publishing the photos.[5]

Crescent was charged by the United States government in 2000 with illegally billing for website access that was advertised as "free", and for billing others who had never visited the websites. The websites included www.playgirl.com and www.highsociety.com.[6]

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