Celery Victor

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Celery Victor
Celery Victor (7033758499).jpg
Type Salad
Place of origin United States
Region or state California
Created by Victor Hirtzler
Main ingredients Celery, stock, peppers, Romaine lettuce
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Celery Victor is an historical American marinated celery salad dish invented in 1910 by Victor Hirtzler, head chef at San Francisco's St. Francis Hotel,[1] who is also credited by as with inventing Crab Louie.[2]

The dish, an "American classic",[3] was popularized by author Clarence Edwords in his 1914 book, A Bohemian Guide to San Francisco Restaurants.[4] To prepare, celery hearts are simmered in a veal or chicken stock, chilled (often in a citrus or vinegar marinade), tossed with mild peppers, then served over Romaine lettuce.[3][5]

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