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Centrais Elétricas de Santa Catarina S.A.
Sociedade Anônima
Traded as BM&F BovespaCLSC3
Industry Electricity
Founded 1955 (1955)
Headquarters Florianopolis, Brazil
Key people
Cleverson Siewert (CEO)
Products Electrical power
natural gas
Services Electricity distribution
Electricity transmission
Revenue Increase US$2.2 billion (2012)
Decrease - US$126.0 million (2012)
Number of employees
3,300 (2014)
Website www.celesc.com.br

Celesc is the electricity utility for the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. In 2014 the company had around 2.6-million customers and sold around 23.3 TWh of electricity. It generates power from 16 plants, all of them hydroelectric, with installed capacity of around 126MW. The company also owns some 5,100 km of distribution lines and a 148,164 km distribution network. Celesc is headquartered in the Santa Catarina capital of Florianópolis.

It is controlled by the state of Santa Catarina, who owns just over 20% of Celesc's stocks, that are traded on BM&F Bovespa.[1]

In October 2006, the company passed by a reorganization process, in which it was transformed into a "holding" that kepts the name Centrais Elétricas de Santa Catarina. Two new companies had been created, one of them responsible for the distribution (Celesc Distribuição) and another responsible for the generation of electric power (Celesc Geração).[2]

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