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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Chong.
Celest Chong
Chinese name 張玉華 (traditional)
Chinese name 张玉华 (simplified)
Pinyin Zhāng Yùhuá (Mandarin)
Born Singapore
Occupation Singer, actress
Years active 2000–present
Ancestry Chaozhou, Guangdong, China
Website www.celestchong.com

Celest Chong is a Singaporean actress, singer and former cover model who is currently based in Canada.


Chong began her acting career as a secretary in Eric Khoo's Stories about Love performing a Turkish inspired belly-dance. She also sang the show's theme song, "Sorry, My Love".[1] Later, she moved on to Channel 5's sitcom, Making Love, in which she played a sultry receptionist named Pamela. She later played the character of a child social worker in the Channel 8 television drama, You Light Up My Life. She sang the theme songs for the new show, which were on Singapore's top music charts for four weeks.[citation needed]

In 2001, Chong signed with Universal Music and launched a solo album Belong to Myself. In December 2002, her second album Celest, was released in Singapore, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Chong then left MediaCorp and Singapore for Taiwan to work in the Taiwanese entertainment industry where she released her third album, Snowflakes in 2004. While in Taiwan, she also acted as a reporter in C'est La Vie, starring the Taiwanese actor Lin Youwei. She recorded her fourth album, Little Happiness, in 2006.[2]

In 2007, Chong moved to Guiyang in China to film Acalea Blossoms. Two years later, she again moved back Singapore because of a family emergency.[3]

Chong has appeared on dozens of magazine covers including Her World, Vogue, Elle, Citta Bella and FHM. She has modelled[4] around the world for various print advertisements. She was voted one of the Top 100 most beautiful women in the world by FHM and The Sexiest Woman in Singapore by International Media with her five Ss - Sunshine Sweet, Smile, Sexy & Song. She was also voted No.1 in the Singapore Most Sexy Women's Survey on Citta Bella.[citation needed]

Personal life[edit]

Chong relocated to Canada in 2009. She lives in Toronto, Ontario, and works at The Characters Talent Agency in Toronto. She may be releasing a new film around 2015.[5]


  • Making Love (2000) sitcom: (Singapore- [MCS] Channel 5) – supporting actress
  • You Light Up My Life (2001): (Singapore) - rated No. 1 by audience – leading lady
  • All's Well, Ends Well (2001): (Hong Kong - Aisatvro) - leading lady
  • Stories About Love (2002): (Singapore) – guest appearance and soundtrack
  • Feel 100% (2002): (Hong Kong) – guest appearance
  • Together Whenever (2003): (China & Singapore) with the Chinese actor Hu Bing – leading lady
  • Hi-Fly (2004): (Asia) – leading lady
  • Proud of Twins (The Invincible Duo)' (2004): (Asia) – guest appearance
  • Zero (2004): (Singapore) – leading lady
  • Love Young Man (2006): (Asia) – leading lady
  • Dui Juan Hua Kai (2007): (China) – leading lady and soundtrack
  • Crime Busters x 2 (2008): (Singapore - [MCS] Channel 8) – guest appearance
  • Red Thread (2009): (Singapore - [MCS] Channel 5) – leading lady
  • Your Hand in Mine (2009–2010): (Singapore - [MCS] Channel 8) – supporting actress


Chong's former singing career included being the lead singer in the all-girl band Jungk, produced by Malcom McLaren. She also sang "Voice of an Angel" for McLaren. On National Day she sang "Stand Up for Singapore". She was also the lead singer for a song called "Earth Song" regarding environmental awareness. For the film Stories About Love, she sang the title track "Sorry My Love". For the drama series You Light Up My Life, she sang the theme song "Distance" which was No. 1 on the Yes 933 Pop Charts. Chong was voted No. 1 for Most Captivating Voice on Singapore Press Holdings, Asiaone.com.


  • Belong To Myself (2001)
  • Celest (2002)
  • Snow Flakes (2004)
  • Little Happiness (2006)


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