Celeste Anderson

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Celeste Anderson
Celeste Anderson, DC, University of Waterloo crop.jpg
Born (1989-09-06) September 6, 1989 (age 27)[1]
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Occupation Student at University of Waterloo

Celeste Anderson (also known as BiiTTERSWEET[2]) is a Filipino Canadian[3][4] competitive gamer and reality television personality, known for being the winner of the first season of the TBS reality show King of the Nerds[5][6] for which she was awarded $100,000.

Personal life[edit]

Celeste Anderson was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1989, and moved to Orillia, Ontario in 1996.[1] Anderson attends the University of Waterloo, where she majors in computer science.[7]

Anderson enjoys speed-solving the Rubik's Cube, for which she had attended several competitions in Canada. Her best WCA official times are 20.78 seconds (single) and 22.27 seconds (3 of 5 average).[8]

Competitive gaming[edit]

Anderson is most well known for her skill in first-person shooter games, notably the Halo series in which she played semi-professionally for some time. She is known as one of Canada's best female video game players.[7]

King of the Nerds[edit]

Anderson competed in and won the first season of TBS's reality TV show King of the Nerds, which aired in 2013. Anderson was a member of the Blextrophy team (formerly the Blue team).[9]

To promote her appearance on that series, she was a guest on the late-night TV talk show Conan on February 12, 2013.[10]

She later made a cameo appearance in the second season premiere of the show.


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