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Celestial may refer to:

Not to be confused with Telestial kingdom.


  • Sky objects, bodies and the following astronomy terms:



Animal kingdom[edit]

  • Celestial Eye, a breed of goldfish related to the Telescope eye
  • Celestial Parrotlet (Forpus coelestis), also known as Pacific Parrotlet and Lesson's Parrotlet

Games and comics[edit]

  • Celestial (comics), a race of powerful alien beings in Marvel Comics
  • Celestials (Dungeons & Dragons), a race of angel-like beings in the Dungeons & Dragons game
  • Various usages of "Celestial" in the mmorpg Dofus including monsters, attacks and items.
  • Various usages of "Celestial" in the video game Ōkami, the most prominent is the Celestial Brush
  • There is a celestial in Touhou, Known as Tenshi Hinanai. Celestials in Touhou are described as former humans, and can be divided into 2 classes: those who gained immortality and ascended to heaven, and those who attained enlightenment and entered Nirvana.


  • Celestial Kingdom, the highest of three heavens or heavenly kingdoms in Mormon theology

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Not to be confused with Telestial.