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Celestial Digital Entertainment Limited (CDE) is a Hong Kong based company which was established in 2002 as a game design and production company. Over the years, CDE has released products including MMORPG, FLASH and JAVA games, and since August 2008 the company has focused solely on the mobile platform.

CDE's first release on the iOS platform was in September 2008. By September 2010, CDE had released over 40 titles. The majority of which were developed in-house from CDE's original concept, game design, graphic production, programming and QA. A few titles have been featured on iTune's front page, while many titles were in the Top 100 of their categories. Additionally, a few made it to top of the chart in different countries.

Besides the iOS platform, CDE released titles on NDS's DSiWare and Google's Android. The company is currently working on Windows Phone 7 platform which will be released towards the end of 2010.

The company will continuous to focus on the mobile platform to partake in the future growth of the digital entertainment market. With the technical background of being a MMORPG game developer for many years, CDE certainly has the advantages to design and produce fun and sophisticated entertainment titles for the mobile platform.

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