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Celestial Movies
Celestial Movies Logo
Launched March 3, 2003
Website celestialmovies.com
Astro Malaysia Channel 309 (HD)
Channel 322 (SD)
Kristal-Astro Brunei Channel 309 (HD)
Channel 322 (SD)
Indovision Indonesia Channel 20
Jadeworld Australia Channel 2
China available in hotels (3 stars or above) and foreign residential compounds
Aora TV Indonesia Channel 408
NJOI Malaysia Channel 322 (SD)
StarHub TV Singapore Channel 868
Channel 869 (Celestial Classic Movies)
First Media Indonesia Channel 205
Astro B.yond Malaysia Channel 309
now TV Hong Kong Channel 147
Singtel TV (Previously Mio TV) Singapore Channel 585
Channel 586 (Celestial Movies on Demand)
Channel 580 (Celestial Classic Movies)
Channel 581 (Celestial Classic Movies on Demand)

Celestial Movies is a 24-hour Chinese movie channel. The channel also screens films from Japan and Korea, and shows interviews with movie stars and directors, entertainment news and film award ceremonies. Available in 11 territories across Asia Pacific, including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and other Asian countries, Celestial Movies is claimed to be the most broadly distributed Chinese-movie channel.[citation needed]

Movie Line-up[edit]

The channel features Chinese blockbusters, movies from regional film studios such as Media Asia Distribution, Emperor Motion Pictures, Filmko Pictures, Golden Harvest Entertainment, CJ Entertainment and Toho.


On weeknights, movies are scheduled by genres: namely Drama Monday, Action Tuesday, Comedy Wednesday, Romance Thursday and Fantasy Friday. During Saturday and Sunday nights, Celestial Movies showcases the blockbusters and first-run movies.

Other programmes include news of movie and film-festival from around the globe, documentaries and shorts. Celestial also produces a number of original behind-the-scenes programs such as: Celestial Cameos, Director To Director, Celestial Express and Star Talk.

Sister channel[edit]

Celestial Classic Movies[edit]

Celestial Classic Movies
Launched April 14, 2008
Website Official Site
Indovision Indonesia Channel 22
Astro Malaysia Channel 321 (SD)
NJOI Malaysia Channel 321
TVB Network Vision Hong Kong Channel 50
StarHub TV Singapore Channel 869
SkyCable Philippines Channel 97 (Digital)
Destiny Cable Philippines Channel 97 (Digital)
Cablelink Philippines Channel 201 (Digital)
HKBN BBTV Hong Kong Channel 408
Singtel TV Singapore Channel 580 (Celestial Classic Movies)
Channel 581 (Celestial Classic Movies on Demand)
Fetch TV Australia Channel 816

Celestial Classic Movies (CCM) is a 24-hour pay-TV movie channel screening Chinese classic movie masterpieces from the renowned Shaw Brothers library and other film libraries. All Shaw Brothers movies are digitally restored to bring viewers sound and picture quality matching the original cinematic prints.

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