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Celestial Star is a brand name that Sears Holdings Corporation uses for its certified diamond jewelry. Celestial Star quality is also referred to as "best" diamond quality by Sears employees (other qualities are "Promotional, "Good", and "Better"). Currently, the Celestial Star line is the highest in terms of diamond quality out of all Sears diamond jewelry.

Quality-wise, Celestial Star diamonds are minimum H-I (near colorless) in diamond color and I1-I2 in diamond clarity. The jewelry is always 14k white or yellow gold. However, these are only minimum requirements, and it is not unusual to see Celestial Star styles that use colorless or VS clarity diamonds. Thus, Celestial Star jewelry can vary widely in appearance and value for the money you pay.

Celestial Star diamond jewelry comes with a credit card sized plastic "International Gemological Information" appraisal summary. Each piece is independently graded and assigned an "estimated retail replacement value" by the International Gemological Institute (IGI). Sears routinely sells the jewelry below the value stated on the summary. Each piece of Celestial Star diamond jewelry is engraved with the unique summary number that matches the certificate it comes with. The certificate states measurements, carat weight, color, clarity, polish, and symmetry of the diamond as well as the Sears item number, a description, and a photograph.

Celestial Star items are always changing as styles that sell are replenished, older styles are discontinued, and popular new styles are rolled out. The current styles, especially in diamond pendants and earrings, are priced lower than those of years past and have a lower total carat weight of diamonds. New styles focus more on clusters or multiple diamonds instead of solitaire diamonds, which allows for a lower price.

Sears markets Celestial Star diamond jewelry as their best. Special navy blue platforms, navy blue price signs, and special signed white leatherette trim set the jewelry apart. Celestial Star diamond jewelry is always (according to corporate mandated planograms) displayed at the top (farthest from the customer) of the showcase on the special displays.

Celestial Star diamond jewelry never goes on sale because it is a Great Price ("always a low price") item, which is seen by all prices ending in 98 cents. Celestial Star diamond jewelry is exclusively sold in Sears, Sears Essentials, and Sears Grand, as well as online at Sears.com. The number of Celestial Star diamond jewelry styles that a Sears store carries depends on how much that particular store sells. The line is not sold at Kmart stores.

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