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Celestino "Chuck" Robert Pennoni (born December 31, 1937)[1] is the chairman of Pennoni Associates Inc., a consulting engineering firm headquartered in Philadelphia.[2] He has also served as interim President of Drexel University twice, from 1994-1995 and from 2009-2010.

Early life[edit]

C.R. "Chuck" Pennoni is the son of immigrants from Perugia Italy, Annavillia and Celestino. He was raised in Northeastern Pennsylvania.[3] Pennoni received his B.S. (1963) and M.S. (1966) degrees in civil engineering from Drexel University.[4]

Drexel University[edit]

Pennoni has served as Trustee to the university from 1993–2006 and as Chairman of the Board from 1997–2003.[4] In March 2003 Drexel University's honors college was named the Pennoni Honors College after Pennoni and his wife Annette.[5]

Pennoni served as interim President at Drexel from 1994–1995, as well as from 2009–2010. In 1995, he was succeeded by Constantine Papadakis, and in August 2010, he was succeeded by John Anderson Fry.[4]


Pennoni was elected to the National Academy of Engineering "For advancing innovative principles in the art and science of engineering, engineering education, and engineering management" in the year 2000.[6]

Pennoni was named as the 52nd recipient of the Drexel University Business Leader of the Year award in 2005.[5]


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