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Celestyal Cruises
IndustryCruise line
HeadquartersNicosia, Cyprus
Area served
Eastern Mediterranean
ServicesCruise ship operator and chartering
ParentLouis PLC

Celestyal Cruises (formerly Louis Cruises and Louis Cruise Lines) is a Cyprus-based cruise line and the only cruise company based in Greece.[1] It is a subsidiary of the travel and tourism group Louis plc, that was founded in 1935 as the first travel agency in Cyprus. There are four ships under Celestyal's operation.[2][3] Celestyal runs an Eastern Mediterranean program traveling to Greek and Turkish ports as well as a Cuba program.[citation needed] 2017 was Celestyal’s fifth year in Cuba.[4] The company has historically chartered several ships to Marella Cruises, previously Thomson Cruises.[5][6][7]


In September 2014, Celestyal Cruises was established.[8][9] It is a subsidiary of the travel and tourism group Louis plc, that was founded in 1935 as the first travel agency in Cyprus.

Celestyal renovated some of its fleet in 2015. 43 new balconies were added to the Crystal, and 227 outside cabins, 21 junior suites, and nine suites were refurbished on the Olympia.[10][11][12] The Crystal is used for cruises in Cuba and Greece,[13][14][15] and Olympia travels in Greece.[16][17]

At the 2015 Greek Tourism Awards, Celestyal received four awards, one of which was the Gold Award for Themed Events. It also received two Silver Awards and one Bronze Award. The following year, it won the Cruise Line Revelation Award at the Excellence Awards in Cartagena, Spain.[18] Celestyal received the Best Value Cruise Line of 2016 at Cruise Critic UK Editors' Picks Awards,[19] as well as four Greek Tourism Awards in 2016.[20]

In May 2017, Celestyal launched its redesigned website which was designed to include cruise information as well as company news and details for its value program, Celestyal Inclusive Experience.[21][22][23]

In September 2017, Celestyal announced a partnership with Hays Travel to expand its customer base across the UK, making its cruises available through Hays Tour Operating Limited.[24] Celestyal has also partnered with Air Canada Vacations, Transat, Hola Sun Holidays, Apple Vacations,[25] Iglu and Planet Cruise.[26]

In December 2017, Cruise Critic UK Editors' Picks Awards recognized Celestyal with Best for Service.[27][28] The Marella Spirit also received three Cruise Critic UK Editors' Picks Awards.[29] Also in 2017, Celestyal received five top Critic Cruiser's Choice Awards,[30] as well as five awards at the Greek Tourism Awards.[31]

In late 2017, Celestyal announced that it would be extending its cruise season in Greece to 10 months. The extension included seven-night Aegean cruises with overnight destinations in Mykonos and Santorini.[32][33] The following month, Celestyal announced its 2019 Greek islands itineraries leaving from Piraeus, which had longer stays with more destinations included Mykonos, Samos or Kusadasi, Patmos, Heraklion (Crete), Rhodes and Santorini.[34][33][35][36] The M/V Majesty was added to the Celestyal fleet in Greece for Aegean cruises in 2018,[37][38][39][40] when its charter to Marella Cruises, previously Thomson Cruises, ended.[3] In July 2018, it was announced that M/V Majesty was sold to the Israeli company Mano Maritime.[41]

Celestyal was featured in the final episode of the second season of Jane McDonald's Channel 5 show, Cruising with Jane McDonald in 2017.[42] McDonald went on a Cuban cruise that stopped in Cienfuegos, Santiago de Cuba and Montego Bay, Jamaica with an overnight in Havana.[43][44]


Current Ships[edit]

Ship Built Builder Entered service
with Celestyal Cruises
Gross tonnage Flag Notes Image
Celestyal Crystal 1980 Wärtsilä Turku New Shipyard 2007-Present 25,611 tons  Malta Operates cruises to Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and the Caribbean. Celestyal Crystal fondeado en Santorini - panoramio.jpg
Celestyal Olympia 1982 Wärtsilä Hietalahti shipyard 2005, 2012-Present 37,584 tons  Malta Currently operating on 3/4-day cruises from Greece. Kuşadası (3) (cropped).JPG

Out of service[edit]

Ship Built Builder In service
with Celestyal Cruises
Gross tonnage Flag Notes Image
Marella Spirit 1983 Chantiers de l'Atlantique 2002—2003 33,930 tons  Malta It was chartered to Marella Cruises until 2018; previously Patriot, Spirit, and Nieuw Amsterdam. ThomsonSpirit.jpg
Princesa Marissa 1966 Wärtsilä Helsinki Shipyard 1987-2008 10,487 tons  Cyprus Previously named Prisessan and Finnhansa.
Princesa Amorosa 1956 Harland & Wolff, Belfast 1994-2002 ? tons  Cyprus Previously named Scottish Coast, Galaxias and pink.
Louis Aura 1968 A.G. Weser, Werk Seebeck 2006-2017 15,781 tons  Malta Previously named Starward, Bolero, Orient Queen and Aegean Queen.
MS Sea Diamond 1986 Valmet, Vuosaari shipyard, Helsinki, Finland 2006-2007 21,484 tons  Greece Previously named Birka Princess.


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