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Celia Hammond was a model in the 1960s, and has since become known as a campaigner against fur and for neutering of cats to control the feral population.

Modeling career[edit]

Hammond was a successful fashion model in the 1960s, working for Vogue,[1] forming a close working relationship with photographer Terence Donovan.[2] At first happy to model fur, she later became concerned about the cruelty of the fur trade and took a stand against fur. Singer/Songwriter Donovan wrote "Celia Of The Seals" as a tribute to her attitude. She had a long relationship with the guitar master Jeff Beck around 1968~1992.

Celia Hammond Animal Trust[edit]

In 1986 she founded the Celia Hammond Animal Trust with the aim of opening a low-cost neutering clinic to control the feral animal population. The first of these clinics opened in Lewisham in 1995, and a second opened in Canning Town in 1999. The Celia Hammond Animal Trust also runs a sanctuary in Brede (Nr Hastings) for animals which are not suitable to be homed for various reasons. In addition to neutering animals, the clinics (and sanctuary) also help to rescue and rehome animals - now homing thousands of cats each year.[3] [4]


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