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Celia Hammond was a model in the 1960s, and has since become known as a campaigner against fur and for neutering of cats to control the feral population.

Modeling career[edit]

Hammond was a successful fashion model in the 1960s, working for Vogue,[1] forming a close working relationship with photographer Terence Donovan.[2] At first happy to model fur, she later became concerned about the cruelty of the fur trade and took a stand against fur. Singer/Songwriter Donovan wrote "Celia Of The Seals" as a tribute to her attitude. She had a long relationship with the guitar master Jeff Beck around 1968~1992.

Celia Hammond Animal Trust[edit]

In 1986 she founded the Celia Hammond Animal Trust with the aim of opening a low-cost neutering clinic to control the feral animal population. The first of these clinics opened in Lewisham in 1995, and a second opened in Canning Town in 1999. The Celia Hammond Animal Trust also runs a sanctuary in Brede (Nr Hastings) for animals which need new homes. In addition to neutering animals, the clinics (and sanctuary) also help to rescue and rehome animals - now homing thousands of cats each year.[3] [4]


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