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Word/nameLatin Caelīna
Region of originFrance

Céline, sometimes spelled Celine, is a French female first name of Latin origin, coming from Caelīna, the feminine form of the Roman cognomen Caelīnus, meaning "heavenly". Its equivalent in Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese is Celina. Céline was frequently chosen as a first name in honour of two Gallo-Roman saints closely associated with the beginnings of the French nation:

Saint Céline of Laon, mother of St Rémy, and Saint Céline of Meaux, a companion of St Geneviève; the feast day for both is 21 October. In addition it is notable for one of the sisters of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, Céline Martin, who also became a nun.

Céline as a single name may refer to the French writer Louis-Ferdinand Céline, author of Journey to the End of the Night.

People with the first name[edit]

Artists and entertainers[edit]


Politicians and journalists[edit]


  • Celine Herregården (born 1998), Norwegian model
  • Mary Celine Fasenmyer (1906–1996), American nun and mathematician (often referred to as Sister Celine)
  • Céline Figard (1976–1995), French student murdered during a visit to the United Kingdom in December 1995
  • Celine Rattray (born 1975), film producer
  • CELINE, French fashion house specializing in ready-to-wear and luxury leather goods

Pseudonyms and fictional characters[edit]

  • Celine Verans, a minor character mentioned only by Mr. Rochester in Charlotte Brontë's classic novel Jane Eyre.
  • Celine is the name of the female Protagonist in the films “Before Sunrise”, “Before Sunset” and “Before Midnight”, played by Julie Delpy.
  • Celine Jules, a character from the PlayStation video game Star Ocean: The Second Story.

As a surname[edit]

Pseudonyms and fictional characters[edit]

  • Louis-Ferdinand Céline, the pen name of Louis-Ferdinand Destouches (1894–1961), a French writer and doctor
  • Hagbard Celine, character in the Illuminatus trilogy of books by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson