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Cellcast Group is a broadcasting company based in the United Kingdom. They operate channels on the Sky UK, Virgin Media, YouTube,[1] Freesat and Freeview TV platforms in the UK which consist of participatory television programming such as chat shows. They are also a provider interactive telephony technology such as delivering monetizable content to cellphones. They were founded in 2001 and first started operating in 2002 when they starting broadcasting interactive programming on Game Network.


Cellcast was founded by Andrew Wilson and Dr Bertrand Folliet. In 2019 the company was sold as part of a management buyout to Com & Tel Media Limited[2] currently owned by Craig Gardiner and Emmanuelle Erna Guicharnaud.[3][4]


The company provides (or has provided) services to various TV channels since its inception (although it does not necessarily own them) including Game Network, Psychic Today, smileTV2, smileTV3 and Babestation. These services include acquisition of television bandwidth, providing television studios, marketing services, software and billing solutions.[5] Before its selloff in 2019 the company also had investment operations which are now owned by Vintana Plc.[6]

International Operations[edit]

During its history Cellcast has operated across the globe including in India, Brazil and France.[7]


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