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Cellular Chaos is a band featuring Weasel Walter and Admiral Grey, based in New York City. [1]

Cellular Chaos' 2013 debut album is described this way: "The album never gets a chance to ever get boring, and it ends gloriously with “Hum,” which opens up the floodgates for one of the most satisfying musical freak-outs of recent memory, like a runaway bullet train hurtling through a decaying city that derails, launching into space for a sci-fi horror flick. "[2]

Music journalist Brad Cohan recently summed up the band's current status as such: "Cellular Chaos, black sheep of Brooklyn’s DIY noise-punk underground, have trudged on through myriad iterations, losing bassists at a furious clip and trading in drummers for drum machines while going label-less for a bulk of their lifespan. Still, these provocateurs have managed to churn out their gnarly and sweaty mishmash of glam raunch, rock histrionics and no wave noise-fuckery with a take-no-prisoners attitude.

Despite the roadblocks, Flying Luttenbachers mastermind Weasel Walter and vocalist Admiral Grey, the two constants of Cellular Chaos since its inception a half decade or so ago, have persevered, shoring up their lineup recently with drummer Rad Chaines and signing on with noise-rock institution Skin Graft Records.

That union has yielded fruit in the form of their Skin Graft debut, "Diamond Teeth Clenched", a scorched-earth statement propelled by animalistic wailing, neck-snapping guitar blowouts and a rhythm section (the since-departed bass/drums combo of Shayna Dulberger and Marc Edwards) to die for."

- Brad Cohan [3]


The band was originally a trio, with Weasel Walter, Kevin Shea, and Ceci Moss. Edwards joined in 2010, and singer Admiral Grey was recruited in 2012. There have been several lineup changes over the years. The band currently has Rad Chaines on digital and live percussion.[4]


  • 2011 - demo[5]
  • 2012 - Cellular Chaos EP[6]
  • 2013 - Cellular Chaos LP[7]
  • 2016 - Diamond Teeth Clenched LP [8]


  • Weasel Walter - guitar
  • Admiral Grey - vocals
  • Rad Chaines - digital and physical percussion [9]

Past Members[edit]

  • Ceci Moss - bass (2011-2012)
  • Kelly Moran - bass (2012-2013)
  • Marc Edwards - drums (2010-2014)
  • Kevin Shea (2010)