Celtiberian Wars

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The Celtiberian Wars[1] or Spanish Wars were a series of three wars lasting, off and on, from 181 to 133 BC. They were fought between the advancing legions of the Roman Republic and the Celtiberian tribes of Hispania Citerior. The First Celtiberian War lasted from 181 to 179. The latter phase of the wars is sometimes referred to as the Numantine Wars,[2] since conflict surrounded the Arevaci city of Numantia.

The Lusitanian War was fought contemporaneously with the Second Celtiberian War in Hispania Ulterior.


  1. ^ The term comes from Appian.
  2. ^ Thus, the First Numantine War is the Second Celtiberian (or Spanish) and the Second Numantine the Third Celtiberian (or Spanish).


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