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Marker on the Celtic Trail cycle route (National Cycle Network 47)

The Celtic Trail is a network of dedicated cycle routes in the National Cycle Network, crossing West, South and Mid Wales, and covering 377 miles in total. It is divided into east and west sections. The west section links Pembroke and Fishguard on the west coast to Swansea, and the east section covers the area from Swansea to Chepstow, Abergavenny and Hay-on-Wye in the east. It is largely traffic free but sections along the route are still being upgraded and improved. In some places there is a choice of a low-level route, or a high-level route for mountain bikes.

The network includes Route 42, Route 43, Route 46, Route 47, Route 49 and 492, the Welsh section of Route 4, a large part of Route 8 (Lon las Cymru), and other short links.

Places along Route 47 (from west to east) include:

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