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CeltX version 2.7.png
Celtx version 2.7
Developer(s) Greyfirst Corporation
Stable release 2.9.7 / 30 March 2012
Operating system Cross-platform
Platform Mozilla
Type Screenwriting & Media Pre-production software
License CePL (possibly free software[1])
Website www.celtx.com

Celtx (/ˈkɛltks/) is media pre-production software, designed for creating and organizing media projects like screenplays, films, videos, stageplays, audio plays, documentaries, machinima, comics, games and podcasts.[2]

The client-server application gives independent filmmakers and media creators an integrated and non-linear approach to the pre-production work phase, providing support for industry standard scriptwriting,[3] story development, storyboarding, script breakdowns, production scheduling and reports. It also allows writers to attach images, videos and audio files to a project and provides features for collaborating with others online.[4]

Celtx was originally built on open, non-proprietary standards (e.g., HTML, XML and RDF) and licensed under the Celtx Public License, which was the Mozilla Public License with an attribution provision. Feature development and language translations (23+) of the application were driven largely by the feedback and volunteer efforts of members of the international Celtx community.[5] That original desktop software has been discontinued and is no longer officially available.[6]

"Celtx" is an acronym for Crew, Equipment, Location, Talent and XML.


Celtx offers several features to screenwriters and anyone involved in pre-production.

Celtx uses an industry standard screenwriting editor typical for screenplays, stageplays, AV scripts, comic books or radio plays. Celtx also includes a rich text editor for outlines. Celtx also incorporates LaTeX in its Typeset feature, which allows for more flexible templates and printing options.
Project collaboration, management & storage
Celtx offers a web service called Celtx Studios for advanced project collaboration and online file storage.
Scripts can be uploaded to the Celtx Forum for public viewing, peer reviews and commentary.
Celtx utilizes the open source Mozilla Sunbird to handle calendaring and production scheduling.
Celtx features thirty-five different elements, such as Actor or Special Effects, that can be added to the project. These elements can have various information added to them, such as media or text. Celtx allows directors and writers to easily tag elements within each script. These tagged elements can then be automatically transferred to a script breakdown, which allows production staffers to easily know what elements the script calls for.

Pre-Visualization Tools[edit]

Celtx allows people to create storyboard sequences, which can be printed or played using Celtx's built-in image viewer. These are also available to view on a project's website and can be played inside the browser.
Sketch Tool
The Sketch tool can be used to draw a sketch or setup which can also be added to your storyboard. The Sketch tool includes pre-loaded icons for cameras, lights and people that can be tagged with text, and tools for drawing lines, arrows, shapes and text. Plus, professional art packs of additional images (e.g. equipment, cameras, people, vehicles, props, furniture/fixtures) can be purchased from the Celtx web site.

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