Cem Özüduru

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Cem Ozuduru
Born 1987 (age 30–31)
Nationality Turkey
Area(s) Artist
Notable works

Cem Ozuduru (born 1987) is a Turkish comic book artist.


Ozuduru has been writing and drawing professionally since his debut in the monthly comics magazine Rodeo Strip in 2005.

Known to his fans as "the dreamcatcher", Ozuduru has recently finished his first long story in the format of a graphic novel (Zombistan, 2009). The book is notable for being the first authentic graphic novel by such a young comics creator. Normally, Turkish comics creators get pages in weekly humor magazines and some of these works later get collected when the creator has matured. Cem Özüduru was interviewed by Hurriyet as the youngest comics author right after the publication of Zombistan.

The story of Zombistan is set in Istanbul in the present (late 2000s) and is about a group of people who find themselves amidst a large scale zombie invasion. The story actually deals with many issues on Turkey's political agenda through characters who have diverse comments on their primal goal – to survive

Cartoons by Ozuduru appear in the pages of Altyazi, a monthly movie magazine. With texts by Murat Mihcioglu, this illustrated department of the magazine hosts an uncommon form of movie criticism, one that involves mostly humor.