Cement Shoes Records

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For the execution method, see Cement shoes.
Cement Shoes Records
Founded 2006
Founder Daniel Catullo, Peter Koepke, Jimmy Rollins
Distributor(s) Fontana/Universal
Genre Nu metal
Alternative metal
Alternative rock
Country of origin USA
Official website https://web.archive.org/web/20061108042753/http://www.cementshoesrecords.com/

Cement Shoes Records was an independent record label based in Hollywood, California. It is not known if the label is still in existence. It is most likely not, as the official website is no longer online.


The label was formed in 2006 by Daniel Catullo (founder of the music DVD company Coming Home Studios), Peter Koepke (former president of London Records) and Jimmy Rollins (current shortstop for the Philadelphia Phillies).

The label's first signing was the industrial rock band Godhead. Other artists who were initially signed to the label include Ill Niño, Ra, The Dreaming, Lo Mass Republic.

Cement Shoes Records releases will be distributed through Fontana, a division of Universal Music.

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