List of cemeteries in Porter County, Indiana

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The earliest Cemetery in Porter County is the Bailly Cemetery, 1827.[1] The largest in the county include: Chesterton and Graceland Cemeteries. The newest cemetery in the county is Angel Crest Cemetery, just off S.R. 49, north of Valparaiso.

Name Dates Location Township Picture Ref pg[2] Ref pg[3]
Burstrom Cemetery c.1870–present[4] Oak Hill Road, just west of US 12 Westchester Burnstroms-Old Swedes Cemetery P4080003.jpg pg 5 front
Bailly Cemetery c.1811-1885[4] Oak Hill Road, Access from Bailly-Chellberg Contact Station Westchester Bailly Cemetery 3 2004 31(sm).jpg pg 5 front
Furnessville Cemetery c.1870–present[4] 1500 N Pines
Blake Cemetery c.1850–present[4] Blake Street at Concord Ave, Portage Portage Porter County Indiana Blake Cemetery 0078.jpg pg 8 front
Temple of Israel (Bethel) Cemetery c.1916–present[4] East Central Ave, Portage Portage Temple of Israel (Bethel) Cemetery 0082.jpg pg 8 front
Augsburg Cemetery c.1890–present Mineral Springs Road at Beam Street Westchester Augsburg Cemetery Porter Indiana.JPG pg 10 front
Chesterton Cemetery c.1835–present[4] Porter Ave, Chesterton Westchester Chesterton Town CemeteryP4080055.jpg pg 11 front
St. Patrick’s Cemetery c. 1853–present[4] Calumet Ave, Chesterton Westchester St Patricks Catholic P4080061.jpg pg 11 front
Calvary Cemetery c.1916–present[4] East Central Ave, Portage Portage Calvary Cemetery Portage Indiana 085.jpg pg 13 front
McCool Cemetery c. 1855–present[4] Central Ave at Airport Ave Portage McCool Cemeetery Portage Indiana 089.jpg front
Eight Square Cemetery c,1865–present[4] South County Line Road (LaPorte/Porter) about 1150 N Pine Eight Square Cem 032Porter County Indiana.jpg front
James Cemetery c.1850-c.1940[4] Rushing Water Rd, Portage Portage pg 13 front
Robbins Cemetery c.1836–present[4] 875 W Robbins Road Portage pg 18 front
Gossett Cemetery (private) c.1840-c.1880[4] 149, about 900 N Liberty pg 18 front
Quakerdom Cemetery (private) c. 1849- c. 1944[4] U.S 6 at about 600E Jackson front
Carter Cemetery (private) c 1850–present[4] 400 E at 700 N Jackson Carter Cem 0047Porter County INdiana.jpg
Dillingham Cemetery c.1860-c.1944[4] 750 North at Old 49 Liberty Dillingham Cemetery Porter County Indiana.jpg pg 19 front
Angel Crest Cemetery 2004 to present 600 North at SR 49 Liberty Angel Crest Cemetery Porter County Indiana.jpg
Kimball Cemetery c.1850–present[4] 175 W, north of 575 N Liberty Kimball Cem Jackson Twp Porter County Indiana.jpg pg 23 front
Janes Cemetery (private) c 1846-c 1973[4] 675 W, just off Jones Road. Union pg 26 front
Mosier Cemetery (private) c 1846–present[4] 600 W, just south of US 30 Union pg 30 front
Blachly Cemetery c 1846–present[4] Joliet Road at U.S. 30 Union Blachly Cem PB110079.jpg pg 30 front
Kinne Cemetery c 1872-1987[4] State Route 49 at 600 N Center
Union Street Cemetery c.1839-1890[4] Union Street Center Union St Cem P2060163.jpg
Memorial Park Cemetery c 1937–present[4] State Route 2, south of Valparaiso Center Memorial Park Cemetery Valparaiso Indiana P5020085.jpg pg 31 front
Graceland Cemetery c 1890–present[4] U.S. 30 at Sturdy Road Center Graceland Porter County Indiana3.jpg pg 30
Maplewood Cemetery c 1872–present[4] Sturdy Road south of US 30 Center pg 30 front
St. Paul’s Cemetery c 1867–present[4] Sturdy Road south of US 30 Center St Pauls Catholic Portet Indiana4.jpg pg 30 front
Luther Cemetery c 1840 – c 1940[4] 100 N at about 375 E Washington Luther Cemetery P3170043.jpg front
Guernsey Cemetery (private) c 1850 - 1920[4] Division at County Line Road (Lake/Porter) Porter pg 34 front
Fleming Cemetery c 1852–present[4] Boone Grove Road (200 W) Porter Fleming Cem Porter Township Porter County IndianaPA180066.jpg pg 36 front
Stoner Cemetery (private) South Sager Rd Morgan front
Sacred Heart Cemetery c. 1888–present[4] U.S. 30 at County Line Road (LaPorte/Porter) Washington Sacred Heart Cem PB110024.jpg pg 38 front
Frame Cemetery (private) 675 West Porter front
Ludington Cemetery (private) c.1850–present[4] 500 West, north of SR 2 Porter front
Shurr Cemetery (private) c.1860-c.1947[4] 300 S, near 500 W Porter Shurr Cemetery Porter Township Porter County IndianaPA180071.jpg front
White Cemetery (private) c.1860-c.1870[4] 150 S near 75E Morgan White Cemetery PA100001Porter County INdiana.jpg front
Adams Cemetery c.1846–present[4] 150E at 250 S Morgan Adams Cemetery Porter County Indiana.jpg front
Salem Cemetery c. 1853–present[4] approx 700 W 350 S Porter Salem Cemetery Porter Township Porter County IndianaPA180081.jpg
Merriman Cemetery c.1860-c.1979[4] 250 N at 275 W Porter Merriman Cemetery Porter County Indiana.jpg front
Hebron Cemetery c.1838–present[4] 900 S and US 231, Hebron Boone Hebron Cem Boone Township Porter County IndianaPB110042.jpg pg 47 back
Cornell Cemetery c.1840–present[4] North of State Route 8, must north of 350W Boone Cornell Cemetery Porter County Indiana.jpg pg 53 back
Hopewell Cemetery South Baums Bridge Road, just before SR 8 Pleasant back
Spencer Cemetery c. 1840–present[4] South Baums Bridge Road, just before SR 8 Pleasant Spencer Cemetery Porter County Indiana.jpg pg 54
Graceland Cemetery c.1902–present[4] State Route 8, just west of Kouts Pleasant pg 54 back
St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery State Route 8, just west of Kouts Pleasant
St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery State Route 8, just west of Kouts Pleasant St Marys Cemetery Porter County Indiana2.jpg


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