Cemetery Circuit

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Cemetery Circuit
Cemetery Circuit Wanganui
Location Wanganui, New Zealand
Time zone UTC +12
Length 1.5 km (0.932 mi)

Cemetery Circuit is a temporary motorcycle street racetrack in downtown Wanganui, New Zealand. It was named because the track circles the old town cemetery. The daylong meeting is traditionally held on Boxing Day (26 December) each year and has been running since 1951. It attracts around 10,000 spectators and some of the best New Zealand motorbike racers to compete on the tight one-mile street circuit. It also has a nickname: “Southern Hemisphere’s Isle of Man”.[1]

Sidecar racing at the 2012 Cemetery Circuit


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Coordinates: 39°56′21″S 175°02′57″E / 39.9392°S 175.0492°E / -39.9392; 175.0492