Cemetery of the Resurrection

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The Cemetery of the Resurrection is a Roman Catholic cemetery on the southern shore of Staten Island, in New York City.[1]

Notable burials[edit]


  1. ^ a b c Feuer, Alan (October 8, 2008). "Awaiting a Burial, This Time an Actual One". New York Times. Retrieved 2008-10-09. In section 37 of the Cemetery of the Resurrection, a Roman Catholic graveyard on the southern shore of Staten Island, there is an empty grave. Its epitaph is touching: “We love you beyond the moon.” Its dates suggest a much-too-early passing: June 6, 1949, to May 26, 1999. 

Coordinates: 40°30′51″N 74°12′33″W / 40.51417°N 74.20917°W / 40.51417; -74.20917