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Original author(s)Exzap ,Petergov
Developer(s)Team Cemu
Initial releaseOctober 13, 2015; 3 years ago (2015-10-13)[1]
Stable release
1.15.1 / January 6, 2019; 28 days ago (2019-01-06)
Operating system64-bit Windows 7 and above
Size5.6MB Compressed
Available inEnglish
TypeVideo game console emulator
LicenseFreemium (latest version available one week early through Patreon donation)

Cemu is a closed source Wii U video game console emulator developed by Exzap and Petergov for Microsoft Windows-based personal computers.[2] it was initially released on October 13, 2015.[1][3][4] Typically, the emulator updates once every two to four weeks, with Patreon supporters receiving updates a week earlier than the public release.[5] Though it is still under development, it is able to run certain games smoothly.[6][7] In January 2017, it was reported that Cemu is capable of running games in 4K resolution though graphic packs.[8] As of 2018, Cemu is one of the four working eighth generation console emulators in existence along with the open-source Decaf emulator, also for Wii U, and yuzu and Ryujinx, for the Nintendo Switch (neither of which are complete as of December 2018); the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have not been sufficiently reverse-engineered yet.


Developers of Cemu expected that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would be playable with only a few months worth of work,[9] and had a rudimentary version of the game's tutorial playable within weeks of its release.[10] As of July 2017, the game is now fully playable and is able to be completed with physics, particle effects, and reduced crashes. Cutscenes are currently available with a community-made addon called Cemuhook. Also included in Cemuhook is an optional feature that allows performance increases at the cost of intermittent texture bugs.[11] On December 26, 2017, an update added support for multi-threaded CPU emulation, which enabled Breath of the Wild to be played at 60 frames per second.[12]


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