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Original author(s)Exzap
Developer(s)Team Cemu
Initial releaseOctober 13, 2015; 4 years ago (2015-10-13)[1]
Stable release
1.15.15b / September 27, 2019; 42 days ago (2019-09-27)
Written inC++
Operating system64-bit Windows 7 and above
Size7.33MB Compressed
Available inEnglish
TypeVideo game console emulator
LicenseFreemium (latest version available one week early through Patreon donation)

Cemu (short for "Café Emulation", "Café" being the codename for the Wii U[2]) is a closed source Wii U video game console emulator developed by Exzap running as the Core and GPU developer And Petergov Running as a core and audio emulation developer.[3] It was initially released on October 13, 2015 for Microsoft Windows.[1][4][5] Typically, the emulator updates once every two to four weeks, with Patreon supporters receiving updates a week before the public release.[6] Though it is still under development, it is able to run certain games smoothly.[7][8] In January 2017, it was reported that Cemu is capable of running games in 4K resolution through graphic packs.[9]


Developers of Cemu expected that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would be playable with only a few months worth of work,[10] and had a rudimentary version of the game's tutorial playable within weeks of its release.[11] As of July 2017, the game is now fully playable and is able to be completed with physics, particle effects, and reduced crashes. Cutscenes are currently available with a community-made addon called Cemuhook. Also included in Cemuhook is an optional feature that allows performance increases at the cost of intermittent texture bugs.[12] On December 26, 2017, an update added support for multi-threaded CPU emulation, which enabled Breath of the Wild to be played at 60 frames per second.[13]

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