Cenchreae (Troad)

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Cenchreae or Kenchreai (Ancient Greek: Κεγχρεαί) was a city of the ancient Troad. According to Stephanus of Byzantium, the city was that "in which Homer lived while he was inquiring of the things that concerned the Trees.".[1] Another tradition, of no more value, makes it the birthplace of Homer.[2]

Its site is located near modern Kayalı Dağ.[3][4]


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 This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domainSmith, William, ed. (1854–1857). "Cenchraea". Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography. London: John Murray.

Coordinates: 39°57′49″N 26°37′44″E / 39.963522°N 26.628763°E / 39.963522; 26.628763