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Cenin Cement is a British cement manufacturer supplying a highly sustainable and consistent range of cementitious products.

Based in South Wales, United Kingdom, Cenin is a pioneering company which manufactures a range of cementitious materials designed for specific applications delivering high environmental benefits. Through its patented control and monitoring system Cenin Cement assures the highest product consistency.

Cenin is helping to reduce the growing global problem of excessive carbon dioxide on its site at Stormy Down near Bridgend in Wales and aims to demonstrate that the SME sector can prosper in the low carbon economy which is the future.

Cenin Cement manufacturing plant is entirely powered by renewable energy sources, with a high percentage of this from its own PV plant. The addition of a wind turbine planned for 2013 will allow Cenin's plant to be powered by 100% renewable energy generated on site.

At the plant in Parc Stormy, Cenin Cement also provides analytical and testing facilities for industrial processes. The ultimate goal to the Parc Stormy site is to develop a business park for similar low-carbon enterprises.