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Cennétig mac Lorcáin, King of Tuadmumu, died 951. He was the father of Brian Boru.


Cennétig took over after his father Lorcán who is noted as a King of the Dal gCais, they belonged to the Uí Thairdhealbhach, a cadet branch of the Uí Bhloid ruling dynasty of the Dal gCais the Uí Oengusso. After the death of Rebeachan Mac Mothla, who died as King of the Dal gCais and Abbot of Tuam Greine in 934, Cennetig's father Lorcán is said to succeed him, being the first of the Uí Thairdhealbhach rulers.

He was the first King of the Dal gCais to lead an army outside his own territory and lead raids along the Shannon, reaching as far north as Athlone. His daughter Orlaith married the High King Donnchad Donn as part of an alliance between the Dal gCais and Uí Neill against the King of Munster Cellachán Caisil. He lost The Battle of Gort Rotacháin at Mag Dúin in 944 to Cellachán Caisil where two of his sons are said to have died. An Leabhar Muimhneach reports that he won a battle against Cellachán at Inis Locha Saingleann (Singland, Limerick). On his death the Annals of Ulster describes his as "rí Tuathmumam". The Annals of Inisfallen describes his as "rídamna Cassil" or a candidate to the Munster kingship.[1]


The report of Cennétig's death in 951 calls him "king of Tuadmumu". He was succeeded by his son Lachtna.[2]


Cennétig appears to have had many children, perhaps 11 sons, including Brian Boru. His daughter Órlaith was the wife of the High King of Ireland Donnchad Donn. Órlaith was killed in 941, supposedly for adultery with her stepson Óengus.

Two of his sons—Dub and Finn—are said to have died at Gort Rotacháin in 944, two—Donncuan and Echthighern—died in 950 during the invasion of Munster by Donnchad Donn's successor Congalach Cnogba. Lachtna apparently succeeded his father, but was killed in 953 by the Uí Chearnaigh and Uí Floinn septs of the Dal gCais, he was followed by his brother Mathgamain.

When Mathgamain was killed in 976, Cennétig's last remaining son, Brian, took over leadership of the Dál gCais. He would go on to defeat the Eóganacht and become High King of Ireland. Another son, Marcán, was Abbot of Tuamgraney and later Inis Cealtra until his death in 1003.[3]


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