Cenotaph (EP)

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Cenotaph bolt thrower.jpg
EP by Bolt Thrower
Released 1990
Recorded Slaughterhouse Studios, September 1990
July 1989
Kilburn National, 16 November 1989
Genre Death metal
Length 14:49
Language English
Label Earache
Producer Colin Richardson
Bolt Thrower chronology
Realm of Chaos - Slaves to Darkness
War Master

Cenotaph is an EP by Bolt Thrower. Tracks 1 and 2 were recorded at Slaughterhouse studios in September 1990, track 3 was recorded at Slaugherhouse studios in July 1989. All three were produced by Colin Richardson and Bolt Thrower. Track 4 was recorded live at Kilburn National on 16 November 1989. It is a rough audience recording, "[...] that we feel captures the atmosphere of the Grindcrusher Tour". It was released on Earache: Mosh 33 in 1990 and has been deleted.

Track listing[edit]

  • All songs written by Bolt Thrower
No. Title Length
1. "Cenotaph" 4:00
2. "Destructive Infinity" 4:14
3. "Prophet of Hatred" 3:51
4. "Realm of Chaos" (live) 2:44
Total length: 14:49