Cenotaph (Regina, Saskatchewan)

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Cenotaph (Regina, Saskatchewan)
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Victoria park cenotaph.jpg
The Cenotaph in Victoria Park,
For Regina's fallen heroes of World War I.
Unveiled November 11, 1926; rededication in 1990
Location near Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

The Cenotaph, in Regina, Saskatchewan, was built in honour Regina's fallen heroes of World War I.

The cenotaph replaced the fountain that honoured Nicholas Flood Davin, which had stood in Victoria Park since 1908. The Cenotaph was unveiled on November 11, 1926.[1]

A rededication was held in 1990 to honour those Regina citizens who served in World War II and the Korean War and inscription was added to the monument.[citation needed]

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Coordinates: 50°26′52.88″N 104°36′44.18″W / 50.4480222°N 104.6122722°W / 50.4480222; -104.6122722