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Cenred of Wessex was a member of the House of Wessex and a member of the direct male line from Cynric to Egbert. It is possible that Cenred ruled alongside his son Ine for a period. There is weak evidence for joint kingships, and stronger evidence of subkings reigning under a dominant ruler in Wessex, not long before his time.[1] Ine acknowledges his father's help in his code of laws,[2] and there is also a surviving land-grant that indicates Cenred was still reigning in Wessex after Ine's accession.[3][4]

His father was Ceolwald of Wessex. Cenred had at least three other children: Ingild, the great-grandfather of Ealhmund of Kent, and the great-great grandfather of Egbert; Cuthburh, who married Aldfrith of Northumbria, and became abbess of Wimborne; and Cwenburh, who may have succeeded her sister as abbess at Wimborne.

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