Census (Confidentiality) Act 1991

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Census (Confidentiality) Act 1991
Act of Parliament
Long title An Act to make provision with respect to the unlawful disclosure of information acquired in connection with the discharge of functions under the Census Act 1920; and for connected purposes.
Citation 1991 c. 6
Territorial extent  Great Britain
Royal assent 7 March 1991
Other legislation
Amends Census Act 1920
Status: Current legislation
Text of statute as originally enacted
Revised text of statute as amended

The Census (Confidentiality) Act 1991 was an Act of Parliament of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. It gained Royal Assent on 7 March 1991.

The Act amended Section 8 of the Census Act 1920 by replacing a subsection concerning penalties for the unlawful disclosure of personal information from the census.

The Act applies to Great Britain. Separate legislation in the form of the Census (Confidentiality) (Northern Ireland) Order 1991 exists for Northern Ireland.

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