Census Act (Northern Ireland) 1969

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Census Act (Northern Ireland) 1969
Long title An Act to make provision for the taking from time to time of a census for Northern Ireland and for otherwise collecting statistical information.
Citation 1969 c. 8
Commencement Immediate
Other legislation
Amended by 1984, 1991, 1999
Relates to Census Act 1920
Status: Current legislation
Revised text of statute as amended

The Census Act (Northern Ireland) 1969 (1969 c. 8) was an Act of the Parliament of Northern Ireland, passed 24 June 1969. It enabled ministers to order a census of population in Northern Ireland at intervals of five years or more. The Act shares similarities with the Census Act 1920 which provides for censuses in England, Scotland, and Wales. It remains the primary legislation for conducting censuses in Northern Ireland.


The Schedule to the Act list the 'Matters in respect of which particulars may be required'. They are:

  1. Names, sex, age.
  2. Occupation, profession, trade or employment.
  3. Nationality, birthplace, race, language.
  4. Place of abode and character of dwelling.
  5. Condition as to marriage, relation to head of family, issue.
  6. Education, professional and technical qualifications.
  7. Religion.
  8. Any other matters with respect to which it is desirable to obtain statistical information with a view to ascertaining the social condition of the population.

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