2001 Census of India

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14th Census of India
General information
Country India
Total population 1,028,737,436
Percent change 21.5%

The 2001 Census of India was the 14th in a series of censuses held in India every decade since 1871.[1]

The population of India was counted as 1,028,737,436, consisting of 532,223,090 males and 496,514,346 females.[2] Total population increased by 182,310,397, 21.5% more than the 846,427,039 people counted during the 1991 census.[2]

Religious demographics[edit]

Hindus comprises 82.75 crore (80.45%) and Muslims were 13.8 crore (13.4%) in 2001 census.[3][4] Census 2001 showed 108 faiths under the head “Other Religions and Persuasion” (ORP) in India.[5]

Population trends for major religious groups in India(2001)
% 2001
Hindu 80.45%
Muslim 13.4%
Christian 2%
Sikh 1.89%
Buddhist 0.74%
Animist, others 0.43%
Jain 0.46%

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