Centar Župa Municipality

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Centar Župa Municipality
Општина Центар Жупа
Merkez Jupa Belediyesi
Rural municipality
Flag of Centar Župa Municipality
Official logo of Centar Župa Municipality
Location of Centar Župa Municipality
Coordinates: 41°29′N 20°35′E / 41.48°N 20.58°E / 41.48; 20.58Coordinates: 41°29′N 20°35′E / 41.48°N 20.58°E / 41.48; 20.58
Country North Macedonia
RegionLogo of Southwestern Region, North Macedonia.svg Southwestern
Municipal seatCentar Župa
 • MayorArijan Ibraim (DPT)
 • Total6,519
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
Official language(s)Macedonian, Turkish

Centar Župa (Macedonian: About this soundЦентар Жупа ; Turkish: Merkez Jupa) is a municipality in the western part of North Macedonia. Centar Župa is also the name of the village where the municipal seat is found. Centar Župa Municipality is part of the Southwestern Statistical Region.


After the Ottoman conquest in 1448, Kodžadžik was settled by Ottoman soldiers and Turkish nomads (Yörüks). The local church was converted to a mosque, and Kodžadžik, as part of the sanjak (district) Debra-i Bala, became a center that connected the southeast with Albania and the Adriatic Sea.[1]

When North Macedonia proclaimed its independence in 1991, the Macedonian state implemented nationalist politics, which aimed to assimilate Macedonian Muslims into a broader category of "Macedonians". The government banned education in Turkish in all regions to "prevent Turkification". This, however, was met with resistance by Muslims who did not support the association and wanted to learn Turkish and continue their education in Turkish. The protests failed, although one person applied to the European Court of Human Rights. The case revolved around rights to education in the mother tongue.[1]


The municipality borders Struga Municipality to the south, Debar Municipality to the east, north and west, and Albania to the west.


According to the last national census from 2002 this municipality has 6,519 inhabitants.[2]

Ethnic groups in the municipality include:


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