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The Centaurus Racing Team was founded in October 2009, at the University of Thessaly, by 12 undergraduate students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The students wanted to design and construct a single-seat formula car, and to participate in the Formula S.A.E competition. The team started from scratch, with only the basic knowledge from their university classes.


Initially, the team relied on a theoretical approach to the car parts and familiarity with the team’s basic design program, SolidWorks. However, the practical application of those theories proved more challenging, and during construction, multiple problems arose including finances, mechanical failures and red tape.


2011 Varano de' Melegari The team’s first appearance in a competition was in the Formula A.T.V Italy in class 3 at Varano de’ Melegari in Italy, near the city of Parma. The team was ranked first out of four universities. The competitors were teams from Italy, France and India; these countries had participated in previous competitions.

2012 Silverstone
The Centaurus Team participated in its second competition at the Silverstone Circuit, UK. This was the team’s first appearance in a class 2 competition. In the final rankings, the team was placed ninth out of a total of 23 teams. More specifically, the team was classified third in design, fifth in business presentation and 12th in the cost and sustainability report.


The first car manufactured by the Centaurus Racing Team is called Chiron. Some key features of the car are:


   Maximum power: 87 hp @ 1200rpm
   Maximum torque: 62Nm @ 8000rpm
   Acceleration (0–100 km/h): 3,8sec
   Top speed: 130 km/h
   Weight (with 68 kg driver): 140 kg (front), 160 kg (rear)


   Type: Honda CBR 600 RR 2007
   Number of cylinders: four
   Capacity: 599 cm 
   ECU: Megasquirt


   Frame material/construction: St37  tubular space frame
   Bodywork (material): carbon fiber
   Crashbox (material): aluminum honeycomb


   Suspension type
   Front: double equal length A-arms with push rods
   Rear: double equal length A-arms with push rods
   Front: 6,5x13
   Rear: 7 x13
   Front & Rear: 20x7-13  AVON
   Brakes (Rotors)
   Front: floating, cast iron, hub mounted
   Rear: cast iron, vented


   Drive type: #520 chain
   Differential type: Quaife ATB helical LSD differential
   Drive ratio: 3,75:1


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