Centennial Correctional Facility

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Centennial Correctional Facility
LocationCanon City, Colorado
Coordinates38°26′18″N 105°09′12″W / 38.438318°N 105.153212°W / 38.438318; -105.153212
Security classMaximum
Managed byColorado Department of Corrections

Centennial Correctional Facility (CCF) is a prison located in the East Canon complex[1] in Fremont County, just east of Canon City, Colorado. CCF consists of two separate buildings, North and South. The South facility, opened in 2011, is a Level V maximum security facility. All offenders in CCF South are in Administrative Segregation (AdSeg), also known as solitary confinement. CCF South is the counterpart of the Colorado State Penitentiary (CSP), also in the East Canon complex. The North facility is the original facility, and primarily houses Level IV maximum security offenders.


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Coordinates: 38°26′16″N 105°09′05″W / 38.43778°N 105.15139°W / 38.43778; -105.15139