Centennial Regional High School

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Centennial Regional High School
CRHS (By DarkFire Taker - Mesbah) (For Wikipedia).jpg
Varietas - Concordia - Honestas
Diversity Harmony Moral Dignity
880 Hudson
Greenfield Park (Longueuil), Quebec, J4V 1H1
Coordinates 45°29′28″N 73°26′45″W / 45.49111°N 73.44583°W / 45.49111; -73.44583Coordinates: 45°29′28″N 73°26′45″W / 45.49111°N 73.44583°W / 45.49111; -73.44583
School type Comprehensive English-Language Regional High School
Founded 1972
School board Riverside School Board
Administrator Dianne Kilpatrick (A-F)
Sherry Tite (G-L)
Steven Carroll (M-Z)
Principal Sherry-Lynne Tite
Grades 7 to 11
Enrollment 950 students (2015)
Language English, French
Area South Shore (Montreal): Greenfield Park, Laflèche (Saint-Hubert), Brossard.
Colour(s) Gold and burgundy         
Team name The Centennial Chargers

Centennial Regional High School (CRHS) is a co-educational comprehensive public high school located in the Greenfield Park borough of Longueuil, Quebec, Canada, a suburb of Montreal. It was opened in 1972 and named to commemorate the centennial anniversary of Canada's confederation. More than 300 students graduate each year. The school's student body is culturally diverse. In the 2011-2012 year, the school adopted a house system in an attempt to raise school spirit.[1] It was previously a part of the South Shore Protestant Regional School Board.[2]


It opened in 1972 as the regional high school of the South Shore Protestant board. Upon opening it relieved Chambly High School. It was built within the Longueuil school board even though it was physically in Greenfield Park. Roderick MacLeod and Mary Anne Poutanen, authors of A Meeting of the People: School Boards and Protestant Communities in Quebec, 1801-1998, wrote that this caused "resentment" within the school boards that made up the regional board even though the placement of the school was "intended as a kind of compromise".[3]

Programs and services[edit]

  • Middle School Program
  • Talented and Gifted Program
  • Liberal Arts Program
  • Post-Immersion (French Mother Tongue) Program
  • English Program
  • Business and Career Education
  • Creative & Performing arts
  • Languages/ Language arts
  • Mathematics, Science and Technology
  • Personal Development
  • Social Sciences
  • Student Support center
  • WOTP Program

Notable alumni[edit]

Seema Marjara, sister of Canadian film director Eisha Marjara, died on Air India Flight 182 shortly after graduating from Centennial Regional.[4]

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