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This article is about the Norwegian party formerly known as the "Social Democratic Party". For the other similarly named party, see Social Democrats (Norway).
Center Alliance
Leader Merete Andreassen
Founded 2007
Headquarters Bergen
Ideology Centrism
Single-issue politics
European affiliation None
International affiliation None
Colours Red, Yellow

The Center Alliance (Norwegian: Sentrumsalliansen) is a political party in Norway. The party was founded in Bergen on 28 March 2007[1] by a group of former members of the Norwegian Labour Party, among them both the leader and vice leader of the Bergen Labour Party, Jarl Høva and Merete Andreassen.[2] They claimed a wish to fill in the supposed vacuum between the Labour Party and Conservative Party.[3]

The party ran for election for the first time in Bergen in the 2007 municipality elections, then as the Social Democratic Party (Det sosialdemokratiske parti), receiving 0.5% of the votes in the city.[3] The Center Alliance ran for election in the county of Hordaland for the 2009 parliamentary election,[4] where they received a disappointing 0.1% of the votes.

Political profile[edit]

The party says that its most important issue is to "promote Hordaland and Western Norway's claim for more just distribution", and "change the long-term unfair resource distribution [from Eastern Norway] and demand equal treatment".[5] The party also often present itself with the prefix "Vestlandspartiet" (Western Norway Party).[6]


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