Center Stage (Tommy Emmanuel album)

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Center Stage
Live album by Tommy Emmanuel
Released June 26, 2008
Genre Acoustic, Fingerpicking
Label Favored Nations
Tommy Emmanuel chronology
The Mystery
(2006)The Mystery2006
Center Stage

Center Stage is a live album by the Australian musician Tommy Emmanuel, released in 2008. It contains two CDs, and is the 21st album he released.

Track listing[edit]

First CD[edit]

  1. The Finger Lakes
  2. Papa George
  3. Train to Duesseldorf
  4. I Go To Rio
  5. Nine Pound Hammer
  6. Old Town
  7. And So It Goes
  8. Jolly Swagman
  9. Sukiyaki
  10. Happy Hours
  11. Ruby's Eyes
  12. Beatles Medley
  13. Mombasa

Second CD[edit]

  1. Workin' Man Blues
  2. Georgia on My Mind
  3. House of the Risin' Sun
  4. Amazing Grace
  5. Story of Little Boy
  6. Tall Fiddler
  7. Cowboy's Dream
  8. Morning Aire
  9. Initiation
  10. Lenny Bro'
  11. Questions

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