Center West Campus

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Centre West Campus
Coordinates 51°00′22″N 114°06′50″W / 51.006°N 114.114°W / 51.006; -114.114Coordinates: 51°00′22″N 114°06′50″W / 51.006°N 114.114°W / 51.006; -114.114
School type Public
Language English

The Centre West campus is a group of three schools in South-West Calgary, Alberta. Central Memorial High School, Lord Shaughnessy High School and Juno Beach Academy. The campus hosts many special programs to its name. The Performing Visual Arts Program is housed at Central Memorial High school and is aimed to foster young artists in the areas of Music, Theatre, Visual Arts, Dance and Literary Arts. There is also the National Sports Academy which focuses on developing athletes for Hockey, Baseball, Lacrosse, Golf, Soccer and Flex Sports. Juno Beach has an alternative program which aims to give the students a deeper understanding of Canada and develop deep ideals of Canadian citizenship. The Advanced Placement program is also offered.The campus has a common athletics program and all of the sports teams carry the name Rams.

The campus population fluctuated around 1900 students in the 2006-2007 school year. The Principles are Jeff Turner (Central Memorial and Lord Shaughnessy) and F. Lee Villiger (Juno Beach). Juno Beach Academy is open to students grade 7-12 while the two high school are only open to students grade 10-12.

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