Center for Electronic Governance at UNU-IIST

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Type United Nations
Established 2007
Location  Macau, China
Affiliations United Nations University - International Institute for Software Technology (UNU-IIST); United Nations University (UNU); United Nations (UN)
Website Official website

The Center for Electronic Governance at UNU-IIST is an International Center of Excellence on research and practice in Electronic Governance, part of United Nations University - International Institute for Software Technology located in Macao, China.


Established in 2007, the Center has been built upon the contribution of UNU-IIST to the eMacao Project (2004–2006) and eMacao Program (2007-now), a collaborative initiative to build and utilize a foundation for Electronic Government in Macao SAR. Since 2010, it has become an official programme of UNU-IIST.


The mission of the Center for Electronic Governance at UNU-IIST is to support governments in developing countries in strategic use of technology to transform the working of public organizations and their relationships with citizens, businesses, civil society, and with one another.


Activities at the Center include applied and policy research, capacity building and various forms of development – strategy development, software development, institutional development and development of communities of practice.


The Center focuses its research on various aspects of Electronic Governance:


The Center regularly organizes and conducts schools, seminars, lectures and presentations for government leaders, managers, researchers, educators, etc. on various aspects of Electronic Governance. Various courses and presentation materials from these events are available.[1]


Here is a selection of projects currently executed by the Center:


The Center engages in Electronic Governance research, practice and the interaction between them. It works to transform the experience, insights and results obtained through this interaction into instruments and capacity for development.


The Center established in 2007 and since then leads the organization of a series of International Conferences on Electronic Governance (ICEGOV), with the first three editions in Macao (ICEGOV2007), Cairo (ICEGOV2008) and Bogota (ICEGOV2009). The fourth edition (ICEGOV2010) will take place in Beijing, China during 25–28 October 2010.


Academic publications and other outputs such as policy and technical reports, software, courseware, etc. produced by the Center are available here.


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