Center for Integrated Plasma Studies

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Coordinates: 40°46′49.95″N 105°17′34.69″W / 40.7805417°N 105.2929694°W / 40.7805417; -105.2929694

The Center for Integrated Plasma Studies (CIPS) is a research center at the University of Colorado Boulder.[1][2] This center was founded in 1993, in order to consolidate and facilitate plasma physics research on the University of Colorado Boulder campus. Today CIPS is involved with research in plasma physics, space plasmas, dusty plasmas, plasma diagnostics, and nuclear fusion. CIPS is located in the Duane Physics building on the University of Colorado Boulder Campus, and has about 20 research faculty and about 20 graduate and undergraduate students and support staff. CIPS is primarily supported by funding from NASA, United States Department of Energy, and National Science Foundation.

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