Center for Strategic Studies under the President of Azerbaijan

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Center for Strategic Studies under the President of Azerbaijan

The Center for Strategic Studies under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SAM) is Azerbaijan’s first governmental, non-profit think tank founded on November 12, 2007 by the Decree of the President, Ilham Aliyev. Its headquarters is in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Mission statement[edit]

As a research and policy recommending institution dedicated to innovative studies on national, regional and international issues, SAM provides an intellectual forum for international dialogue to bring different views together with the aim of contributing towards the formation of a common ground. The mission of SAM is to promote collaborative research, enhance the strategic debate and provide decision-makers with high-quality analysis and innovative proposals for action.


SAM was established with the purpose of implementing the coordination of strategic studies carried out in Azerbaijan and also providing scientific-analytical information to high-ranking public administration bodies within the Government of Azerbaijan. The objective of SAM is to produce the most up-to-date and accurate analyses in the fields of politics, economics and security; and to inform policy makers and the public on political, economic, security and development challenges.

Research focus[edit]

The main activities of SAM are to observe and analyze the most important directions of domestic and foreign policy, examine geopolitical events and international problems, make forecasts on future developments and research the factors which could influence relevant processes. Through publications, brainstorming meetings, conferences and policy recommendations, SAM conducts rigorous research with a forward-looking policy orientation, thus bringing new perspectives to strategic discussions and contributing to the informed decision making mechanisms in Azerbaijan. Taking account of all these duties, SAM prepares various programs, theories and doctrines corresponding to Azerbaijan’s state interests and national security.


The Center for Strategic Studies is divided into four main departments that help to carry out its objectives.

  • Domestic Policy Analysis Department
  • Foreign Policy Analysis Department
  • Economic Analysis and Global Affairs Department
  • Finance-Administrative Department

International partners[edit]


Azerbaijan Focus: Journal of International Affairs is a publication of the Center for Strategic Studies under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan Focus is published in the Azerbaijani and English languages and is dedicated to analyzing modern processes underway in the Caucasus, Central Asia and the wider Black Sea-Caspian basin. The Editorial Council of the journal comprises Azerbaijani and foreign statesmen, renowned scholars of world politics and international expert opinion. The contributing authors include the most prominent Azerbaijani and foreign policymakers and leading experts in government, business and academic circles who are very familiar with the history and politics of the region.

Upcoming projects[edit]

The South Caucasus 2021 is a book project underway for future publication based on the political, social and economic status of the South Caucasus in the upcoming decade.


SAM is funded by the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


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