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Center for Knowledge Societies
Industry Experience Design


location_city = Flag of India.svg Bangalore, Karnataka
Headquarters India
Key people
Dr. Aditya dev Sood, CEO

The Center for Knowledge Societies (CKS Consulting Pvt. Ltd.) is a design and innovation consultancy headquartered in Delhi, India with offices in Bangalore, Mumbai and Patna. Founded by Dr. Aditya Dev Sood, the company conceptualizes and develops products and services that harness the new possibilities of media, communications and technology, especially in emerging economies.

CKS has produced three editions of the Doors of Perception design conference and regularly hosts Pecha Kucha in New Delhi.[1]

Publications & Projects[edit]

Bihar Innovation Lab[edit]

In 2012, CKS announced the creation of the Bihar Innovation Lab.[2] Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Lab aims to bring innovation approaches to the improvement of public health delivery in the state of Bihar.

Design Public Conclave[edit]

Beginning in 2011, CKS planned a series of public conversations on the use of design and innovation in government and for the public interest.[3] Several subsequent editions of the conference have been held in New Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai.[4]

The Design Public Conclave is a unique Conclave that brings together high-level representatives from all sectors of society to deliberate the best ways in which design and innovation can serve the public interest. The larger goal of the Conclave is to serve as an enabling platform for building the necessary partnerships and consortia that will bring this agenda to practical realization.

Emerging Economy Report[edit]

In 2008, CKS released the Emerging Economy Report.[5] The report aims to serve as an innovation guide for organizations that seek to participate in innovation processes for Emerging Economies.

Mobile Development Report[edit]

In 2007 Nokia commissioned CKS to carry out a study into the effect of mobile phones on economic and social life in rural areas.[6]