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The Center on Nanotechnology and Society (Nano & Society) is an affiliate of Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) and is housed at IIT’s Chicago-Kent College of Law. Nano & Society is an affiliate of the Institute on Biotechnology and the Human Future, also based at Chicago-Kent College of Law.


The Center is intended for interdisciplinary research, education, and discussion on ethical, legal, economic, policy, and broader social implications of nanoscale science; it approaches nanotechnology with a special focus on the human condition. The Center brings researchers in nano science, law, ethics, medicine, and the social sciences together with leaders in business and industry.

Online offerings[edit]

Nano & Society conducts research on NELSI—Nanotechnology's ethical, legal, and social implications. The Center features various initiatives:

NELSI Global is a web-based global public policy document archive focused on nanotechnology’s ethical, legal and societal implications (NELSI). Located at the Center's website [1], it serves as a unified clearinghouse, for public policy documents addressing the NELSI agenda. It includes international and U.S.-specific regulations, legislation, case law, congressional testimony, and governmental reports.

Publications, conferences, and events[edit]

The Center publishes a monthly e-newsletter, Nano & Society. with opinion pieces from guest writers on nanotechnology’s potential and potential impact, as well as public attitudes toward and education about nanotechnology; and relevant news updates on nanotechnology.It also publishes Nanologues: a print series of booklets on NELSI

The Center hosts the Chicago Nano Forum, which encourages public dialogue among nano experts in science, business, social sciences, ethics, and law. These events are webcast on the Center’s website.

The 1st Annual Conference on Nanopolicy and the Human Future provided members of Congress and their staff, researchers, scientists, and others with the latest nanotechnology developments in the ethical, legal and social arena.

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